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Agave ferdinandi-regis, aka nickelsiae or the "king agave", is sometimes also lumped into the species victoriae-reginae.
The group of plants variably called or lumped as victoriae-reginae have one thing in common - they are roughly ball shaped agaves with small terminal spines and beautiful and variable bud imprinting patterns on the leaves. Bud imprinting is the white lines and impressions you see on the adult agave plants. These seedlings are just big enough to start showing hints of the imprints on the leaves.

The species is generally easy to grow in high light to full sun (possibly some afternoon shade in southwest climates - you have real sun after all), and is well suited to container culture in a well-drained, porous mix. This strain is considered to be less cold hardy and should be protected from frost. I keep my plants above 50F in the winter.

You will receive one of the community pots containing two seedlings in a 2 inch pot, as shown. I think these would really like to be separated into each their own 3 or 4 inch pots now!  The adult plant is for reference only.

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