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Available here is a community pot of (estimated) 25 Agave victoria-reginae seedlings, who would really all like to be potted out to individual pots!  This is a beautiful Mexican species, commonly called the Queen Victoria agave (hence "victoria-reginae"), characterized by its orderly ball-like shape and lacy white markings.  These are young, so haven't started showing the markings yet.  See adult example plant photos for an idea of what mature plants look like.

These plants were seed grown in the US.

You will get the community pot shown, containing an estimated 20-25 seedlings, ready for larger pots.  Make sure to use a gritty mix, ideally with oyster shell added for extra calcium.  These live in limestone rich regions, so occasional feeding with a cal-mag fertilizer will likely be appreciated.  They are said to be cold tolerant but are not freeze hardy, especially under wet conditions.  I keep them inside in the winter.

Example plant shows a standard victoriae-reginae, shown just for reference of what the bud-printing patterns (the white lines) can look like as the plants mature.

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