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Paphiopedilum Mountain Lass (Mountain Meadow × helenae) - Expect yellow to topaz color on these.  The introduction of the helenae species parent is intended to reduce plant size of the usually bulky complex hybrids.  This is the so-called "teacup" breeding trend.  In any case, breeding complex hybrds back to a species parent always seems to yield more vigorous plants, if you ask me.

This cross can vary a little from truly dwarf (really small) to very compact (still windowsill friendly).  This listing is for a dwarf/miniature plant, similar to the one pictured. These are blooming size in 4" pots, though they are not currently in bloom.  Flower photos show sibling plants, for example only; each plant should be similar to this but each will be unique.

This line of breeding is variably called miniature paphiopedilums, teacup paphiopedilums, pigmy, pocket size...it all adds up to compact plants with cute flowers. 

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