Morning Glow - Expressive Floral Painting - JR Original

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Morning Glow - the magic of backlit morning glory flowers in the bright glow of early sun.

Morning glories are a joy to watch develop and flower through the season.  They have a quiet grace, rising each spring with delicate, fuzzy foliage and many short-lived blue trumpets.  The dance continues until they are laden with seed, and die back in the fall, drying out, only to drop the seed so the next generation can reliably come up in the spring to start their dance all over again.

They may be a very simple flower, but that makes them no less captivating. 

This painting is expressive, with color that sings with life, and a surface that is roughly, but organically textured, giving a tactile appearance you'll be tempted to touch.  The rich color suggests the royalty of this unsung garden hero and its slightly shifting color through the course of the day. 

9x12 inch original mixed media on watercolor paper
Painting is presented with a white mat and backing, ready to frame in your choice of 16x20 frame.  Frame not included.

Framing suggestion:  Ask at the custom frame shop for low-glare art quality glass for best presentation. 

Photos include an example room decor styling.  Please note, frame not included.