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Paphiopedilum Graciously Hawaiian (Hawaiian Kapuna x hookerae) - This cross received an award of quality (AQ) form the AOS.  They're a lovely bunch, dominated by pink-purple shades.  Hawaiian Kapuna is about 50% mastersianum, and it managed to take the color of hookerae and spread it across the flower, sometimes with spots sometimes not, and broaden the segments.  And on top of that, they have excellent patterned folage with a compact, upright shape.  Its the whole package: a stunning windowsill plant.

Paph orchids (slipper orchids) of this type are very easy to grow in ordinary home conditions, making them excellent houseplants. Maudiae or 'mottled leaf' type paphs like these are the easiest type to grow, with preferences very similar to phalaenopsis, so if you can grow that, you can grow this too. Look for a window with 1-2h of early morning or late afternoon sun, water when partially dry, and keep in average home warmth. For more information, the American Orchid Society provides a free care sheet on the group here.

You will get the plant shown or one similar in size.  They are not currently in bloom.  Flower photo shows an example of one of the plants out of the cross, each will be similar, but also unique.  Plants are established in 4" pots.

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