Peony Study - Expressive Floral Painting - JR Original

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Peonies have a larger than life presence, even managing this when just young plants.  The flowers are always unapologetically bold, with the most saturated colors and exquisite textures.  Even a young plant will produce large flowers.  I sometimes their ability to live life with that kind of all-in energy.

This painting is an expressive and energetic look at a peony flower, the explosive way they unfurl and live their brief, floral life with glorious volume and energy.  Even a glimpse gives you an indelible impression of larger than life, ruffly softness.  

This is an original mixed media painting with subtle textures and pops of bright color.  It hints of movement in the breeze, complex, multilayered petals with a ring of brilliant yellow structures.  I feel the style of the work marks a shift in the kind of pictures I'd like to produce, as I work toward embedding the lessons of the impressionist and expressionist movements into my own practice, edging toward a feeling of boyant vivacity in the pictures.  I invite you to join me on this journey!

This painting was featured in the Kern River Valley Art Association August 2021 Armchair Art Show.

8x10.5 inch original mixed media on watercolor paper
Painting is presented with a white mat and backing, ready to frame in your choice of 11x14 frame.  Frame not included.

Framing suggestion:  Ask at the custom frame shop for low-glare art quality glass for best presentation. 

Photos include an example room decor styling showing the peony with frame in example room setting.  Please note, frame not included.