Radioactive | Expressive Paphiopedilum sangii Orchid Portrait | Original Painting by Julia Redman

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This painting is all about the elusive Paphiopedilum sangii, a species that is rare in cultivation.  The flowers of this species are glossy and relaxed, often with high drama coloration. But more than that, this painting is about the excitement of seeing one, usually in photos, only rarely in person.  Secondarily, I suppose, it is about the sense of energy one feels while in one's element.  Obviously for me, that is often anything surrounded by unusual plants! 

This floral portrait is in an expressive, textured, mixed media style.  Take a close look at the detail photos, you'll see there is actually physical, dimensional texture on this painting.  This is a surface prep style I've been using more of lately.  I enjoy the surprise element of abstract character it gives to the resulting painting.

The name of this painting is for both the perception of energy, and the almost glowing, saturated colors.

Sight size 11x14 inch original textured mixed media painting on watercolor paper
Painting is presented with a white mat and backing, ready to frame in your choice of 16x20 frame.  Simply remove the archival wrapper and place into your choice of frame with glass or acrylic glazing.  Frame not included.

Framing suggestion:  Ask at the custom frame shop for low-glare art quality glass for best presentation. 

Photos may include an example room decor styling.  Please note, frame not included.