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Sinningia piresiana seedling tubers, currently about to come out of dormancy.  We'll be selling these in packs of three young tubers, bare root, between 0.5 and 1 inch in diameter this spring.  They might not have foliage yet when you get them.

These plants have a soft, quilted look to their foliage, with a halo of fine hairs. Flowers are pink with spots on the outside and inside.  This species takes a little longer than some to get to blooming size, so it might be another year or two before these bloom for the first time. But meanwhile, they have pretty, fuzzy foliage to enjoy!  All my sinningias are seed grown by me in the USA, and are delivered with established root systems.

I recommend growing conditions similar to Sinningia leuchotricha. It typically has an active summer growing season, loving frequent watering but not waterlogged conditions. Use a high porosity soil mix. These can live happily outside in the summer, or a west or south facing window in the house. In lower light it will be leggy. In the winter I bring it inside to a cool growing area (a chilly windowsill will likely suffice) and reduce watering. They may shed their foliage during dormancy, that's okay.

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