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A new category: OOAK (One of a Kind) Container Gardens, each one unique!  I'd like to share with you some interesting combinations of groups of epiphytic plants that like similar conditions, to make a dramatic, top to bottom "jungle-esque" display of vibrant, textural greenery that can be grown together and bloomed together long term.

This container garden is a mixed planting containing a Bc Yellow Bird, Rhipsalis pilocarpa, and Schlumbergera bridgesii (true Christmas cactus). They are all well established now, and will make a stunning display as they age. Can you imagine the cascading display of succulent, branching stems extending down, mingling with the copious Cattleya roots, occasionally decorated with flowers? Meanwhile, the Yellow Bird perched on top - these have the advantage of blooming much of the year when mature - new growth after new growth. And don’t forget, yellow bird is night fragrant.


    • Bc Yellow Bird (easy cattleya type orchid with yellow flowers)
    • Rhipsalis pilocarpa (epiphytic succulent with long, branching stems and numerous white flowers in summer)
    • Schlumbergera bridgesii (aka "true christmas cactus", another epiphytic succulent with hot pink flowers)
  • Container
    • 6" teak vanda basket
    • bark and sponge rock potting media
    • Wire hanger
  • Recommended care
    • As for warm growing cattleya: bright light, warm house temperatures.  Water basket thoroughly when it dries out, frequency will depend on your local conditions (humidity, temperature). 
    • TIP: In the summer, if inside your home the humidity level is low, best root growth will be obtained by frequent misting of exposed roots with heavier drenching of the whole basket about a couple times per week.

You will get the exact basket shown.  Plants may not be in bloom upon arrival but are blooming size.

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Note about shipping: All plants are wrapped carefully and shipped via USPS priority mail. Plant may be shipped bare root at my discretion. Safe arrival of buds not guaranteed. Hawaii & Alaska shipments at your own risk.