Virtual Show June 16: KRVAA Armchair Art Show

Virtual Show June 16: KRVAA Armchair Art Show

Posted by Julia on Jun 10th 2021

One of my favorite paintings, 'Spicy Lemon Drop', was chosen to be featured in the Kern River Valley Art Association (KRVAA) June Armchair Art Show!  

The virtual gallery is open through June 30th, and there will be a virtual reception with the featured artists June 16, 9.30PM Eastern, 6.30PM Pacific.  For call details and to view the virtual gallery, see the society's art show page Armchair Art Show.  Event is free and open to the public.

The thought, energy and emotion that can go into any painting, even a still life, can vary considerably for me.  I suppose it is the same for many artists.  Often, what draws me to a subject is simply my personal affinity for it and my wish for you to share in that enjoyment.  This is why I paint a lot of plants and natural spaces.  Like most people, I am many things, but first and foremost I am a plant person.

In the case of this painting, these little peppers are favorite varieties of mine to grow.  They are a mix of yellow hot peppers of the variety 'lemon drop', and little red Thai peppers, which are rather mild and sweet for their labeled variety name.  Nothing is easier to grow than hot peppers, and a single shrub can be kept alive for several years if they are kept reasonably warm in winter.  And pro-tip: this particular strain of Thai peppers are spectacular in home made pasta sauce.  

If you'd like to add a spicy portrait of brightly colored peppers to your home, I'm offering prints for sale here.  It is also available in mug and coaster format, for fun.  (please inquire, prints and mug no longer on the website but may be available).

I have not released the original painting for sale.  I plan to keep it a while.