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Brassavola nodosa ‘Panama Soirée’ AM/AOS, blooming size plants of this lovely clone.

Brassavola nodosa is easily one of my favorite species, for its wonderfully crystalline white flowers, which are fragrant at night, but also for its vigorous nature. They are excellent growers, producing lots of roots and multiple new growths per year.  In my opinion, Panama Soirée has a grace to its habit and flower form distinct among nodosa.  This strain does best in a pot, in my opinion, but it can also be mounted.

B. nodosa flowers are dominated by a broad white lip with a pale greenish petals and sepals. And just as the light goes out, they let out a burst of perfume. I think the fragrance of this clone is distinct from other nodosa clones, with notes of galangal ginger. They can carry 1-3 flowers per spike, blooming as growth matures. They can be grown in pots or baskets, but do very well also on mounts, which seems to encourage better root growth and more options for rambling new growth to spread. Plants are compact in stature, but given enough years can spread laterally quite well to form a lovely specimen.

This is a warm growing Cattleya alliance species, and like many of its kin, enjoys a very sunny windowsill. Unobstructed South-facing windowsills will likely be best.

You will get one of the plants shown or one similar in size.  They are not currently in bloom, but are blooming size.  They are recently repotted, so good to go for a while!

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