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Bulbophyllum dearei has a bright yellow, relatively long lasting flower for a bulbophyllum.  It is a small sized bulbophyllum, and though not "mini", has the advantage of a close growing habit, making it easier to keep potted long term.  The plant is allied to lowii, and wants similar conditions: intermediate-warm, medium-low light (i.e. more than a phalaenopsis, but not by a lot).  Plants are about blooming size.

These plants are potted in my preferred way for bulbos, meaning half the pot is an aggregate (LECA or perilite), with a frosting of a mosture holding substrate on top (sphagnum or tree fern fluff).  This helps maintain a humidity reservoir for the roots without it acutally being "wet", and tends to yield better root growth than sphagnum alone for me.  These can also be grown mounted if you prefer. 

You will get one of the plants shown or one similar in size.  These are recently repotted, and blooming size. 

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