Bulbophyllum species, Megaclinium type | Vigorous grower for warm spaces | Orchid species

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Megaclinium type Bulbophyllum, unidentified mini species. This is a very rambly species, super easy to grow and bloom. Mom is nominally on cork but mostly hangs out in the air all over the place with long wiry roots. I spray it down daily. It would be hard to contain in a pot due to its adventurous nature, but it is really an easy grower on a mount, so it all works out fine. Tends to bloom more than once per year.

The example flower photo is terrible, sorry about that. But like many megaclinium types, it has a thickened blade like inflorescence with parallel rows of flowers. In this case, the flowers are a rich red-purple color

You will get the plant shown or one similar in size.  These are blooming size divisions. Water frequently, keep warm, a little more than a phalaenopsis-level light ideally, but less than a cattleya.

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