Colorado Blue Columbine - JR Original - Floral

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Colorado blue columbine, Aquilegia caerulea - original painting on panel. The flower selected as a subject both for its elegance, and symbolism.

What are the stories we tell ourselves about who we are? How do they bury some uncomfortable truths about ourselves such that we don’t actually address them? Hiding a problem in the sand does nothing to resolve it.

I love columbine flowers. The plants of various species spread easily in the garden, giving a colorful, yet rangy wildflower look and offering nectar to pollinators. There is history of the flower being eaten in small quantities, but most parts of the plant are highly carcinogenic, so I don’t recommend you try them. Supposedly of particular note, the roots.

There’s that poison, hidden in the sand.

Often when I look at them I think of the Columbine high school incident. Now it is also tied in my mind generally with human nature. Hiding from uncomfortable truths does nothing to resolve them. Resolution only comes through careful consideration and understanding. While those truths also do not eliminate potential beauty, ignoring them could further taint your life if you pretend they aren’t dangerous.

This painting is expressive, dramatic; a deep warm background with a lilac-blue and white flower bold and dominating, yet elegant.

Original painting, acrylic on cradled panel.  Varnished with UV protective satin finish.
Initials lower left; signed and titled on the verso.
Mounted in dark finish gallery frame with gold accents, ready to hang
Also available without frame, please select options.

Painting size: 12x16 inch
Framed size / size on wall:  15.25 x 19.25 inches

Photos include an example room decor, which may include other paintings sold separately, or other framing ideas for consideration.  Alternate frames not included.