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Cattleytonia Why Not (aka Guaritonia Why Not) - tetraploid (4N) Yellow form.

This hybrid is well known for its floriferous nature, but usually they're red- these plants, however, are a 4N yellow x self, making them doubly special. Expect more yellows and stout substance. These grow best for me on mounts or similar conditions where roots plenty of air circulation.  They are slow to establish and get to this size, but from here out should be easier.  The plants stay compact, so are suitable for warm, very sunny windowsills.

You will get the plant shown in the small basket with cork.  Blooming plant shown for reference only - that is a sibling of the available plant - you can expect yours to be similar.  Grow warm and in high light (Bright West or South facing window preferred).  Plant is blooming size but not currently in bloom.

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