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These are blooming size seedlings of my own creation, using the species Aloe bellatula and the hybrid clone 'Dorian Black'. The resulting seedlings are a perfect mix of the two. Overall they favor the shape of bellatula with long, slim leaves, but due to the influence of Dorian Black they have a bit more heft, a bit more of an open shape, and a lot more snowy speckles. They're vigorous too, growing fast and easy. Combined with the fact that they'll stay compact, they're a perfect windowsill plant.

Available here are blooming size plants in 4" pots.  The example flowering plant shown photo is one of their siblings from the same batch of seedlings, shown here for reference. As you can see it has excellent flower count, rich color, and is blooming in a two inch pot!  Since then those were repotted and have gone on to become flowering machines, sometimes sending up a new spike before the last one is done.  Your plant will be similar but each one will be slightly unique, just like all siblings. :)

Listing is for one plant. You will get one of the plants shown in a 4" pot, or one similar in size. They are not currently in bloom. Blooming plant is for reference only.

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