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[Rodrumnia (Rodrumnia Orchidom Orange Delight × Tolumnia guttata) x (Tolumnia Orchidom Joy Time x Rodrumnia Orchidom Joyful Dancer)] ... I say, that's a lot for a name, isn't it? Neither of the parents is registered, so thats just how its going to be until that is fixed. So what does all this mean? In brief, this is an equitant type oncidium, which will stay dwarf, wants strong light and air movement, and will produce a small confetti-profusion of colorful flowers. 

For sale is the established, multi-growth plant shown, which produces yellow flowers with reddish spots and a soft peach overlay, as shown.  It is not currently in flower, but bears flowers like those shown.  I've left the old spike on it just in case it decides to branch and produce a couple more flowers.  Don't forget - leave spikes if they're green, they often branch and rebloom!

This plant is blooming size, mounted on cork. This type of oncidium has a low tolerance for wet feet, hence the bare mount. A brief article on equitant culture can be found here: https://www.aos.org/orchids/additional-resources/tolumnia-basics.aspx if you are keeping this in the house, plan to spray down every morning in the warm months, you can skip some days when it is cooler. Overall they want warm temperatures and bright light. Keep them with warm growing cattleyas.

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