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Brassavola nodosa 'Susan Fuchs' FCC/AOS x ‘Panama Soirée’ AM/AOS FLASKS of young seedlings available!  Flower photos show the parents used. 

These are possibly the two best and most well known forms of the species Brassavola nodosa.  'Susan Fuchs' is an excellent grower, with semi-succulent leaves, and of course was awarded an FCC.  In my opinion, Panama Soirée should also have an FCC, it has a distinct grace to its habit and flower form.  They are both, of course, fragrant, though I think Panama Soirée has a distinct fragrance among nodosa, unusually intense with notes of galangal ginger and possibly lavender.

I am offering flasks of this new cross.  These were among some that I contracted out for flasking, before my lab was setup.  The plants have excellent roots and are ready to deflask.  There sould be approximately 20 plants per flask, though they're so tall now its hard to say for sure.  You will get one of the flasks shown, or one similar in size.

* Note, there are a couple leaves in these that have browned (as you can see in photo), because they are past due for deflasking.  I would recommend trimming the dead bits and spraying preventatively with Physan.  Sold as is.

IMPORTANT: THESE WILL BE SHIPPED OUT OF FLASK.  Be prepared to pot up upon arrival.

For those of you not into flasks, stick around - I have some of these that were deflasked last summer that will be available as individuals or compots soon, too!

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