Grow all the things.  Make all the things!!

I like to say no one is just one thing; life should be about exploration and wonder.  This is what drove me to try orchids back in the dark ages (the late 90s), and what makes me continue to grow and breed new stuff even today.  Every plant has its unique character, and there is nothing more exciting than seeing a seedling bloom for the first time.

It is also what drives me creatively.  Though, as you might have guessed from these pages, my primary pursuit is currently the plants. 


I started growing in windowsills, and progressed to growing under lights.  Greenhouses are in my future just as soon as I can figure out where to put them.  But for now, understand that its possible to grow all of the things I'm offering in a house - because that's how I'm doing it.

And with as many different orchids there are in the world, from so many places, there's one out there just right for you!


Flasking is the science (art) of growing orchids from seed in the lab.  I'll be adding pages dedicated to this soon.


Artist Bio

Artist, phytophile, scientist:  No one is just one thing.

Julia’s life has wound through science, horticulture, creativity - elements all tied together by a drive to explore, reveling in the details and finding out how things work.  The ability to make unexpected connections and creatively finesse your materials, surprisingly, is as much an aspect of scientific research as any artistic or creative pursuit. 

For any pursuit, motivation and energy to pursue an idea are all that is required to learn.  Julia found such a spark during the lockdown of 2020, learning to paint through experimentation and observation. 

Through her art, she invites you to explore and rediscover your wonder.


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