Policies and FAQ


We now use a flat rate shipping system within the USA, meaning each order is charged one flat rate for the entire order, regardless of size.  A few items may ship free, and mailing list subscribers may get additional discounts.

In some cases, individual items in an order may ship separately as they become available.  This will not change your total shipping cost as quoted.

Processing Time
We typically ship on Tuesdays and Saturdays. For plants, orders may also be subject to weather delays - too hot or too cold.  We will advise you via the email address you have provided if you are affected (applies only to website orders; Etsy or eBay orders via platform messaging). 

*NEW* We now have heat packs.  During this introductory period, one will be included in your package free of charge (website orders only) if we feel it is needed.

Additional Notes on Plants
All plants are wrapped carefully and shipped via USPS priority mail. Plant may be shipped bare root at my discretion.  Safe arrival of buds and flowers not guaranteed at this time.  Hawaii & Alaska shipments at your own risk.

International Shipping:  PLANTS: NO, ART: YES!
I do not ship plants internationally at this time.  Art is available for international shipping, please inquire - the platform I use unfortunately does not let me differentiate products available for export, and so I have no automated way to offer you this option.  Please note, buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. We are not responsible for delays due to customs.

Returns Policy

If you have a problem with your order, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the issue.  We will respond quickly with options and next steps. 

Please note regarding plants:  flowers and buds are not guaranteed.

We do not generally accept 'changed mind' type of returns, but will do our best to work with you wherever possible.


Data Privacy

We do not sell your personal info.  We will contact you only either as part of completing your order, or otherwise per your request, such as via newsletter subscription.  You may opt out of newsletters at any time using the links at the bottom of the emails, or by asking me directly via email.

Payment - We use PayPal as a third-party provider for payment processing.  As such, I cannot see or access any of your payment information other than details about processing status.  Please refer to PayPal for more information on payment data security.

User accounts and transaction information - Information about your account and transaction history is used only to complete your orders, and once anonymized, analyze sales history. 

Cookies - the site uses cookies to run.  You may reject these or delete them from your browser history in the usual way.  Metrics tell me how many visits to the site there are, and what kinds of things are put into carts, but not by whom.



You're an artist, why do you sell all this other stuff?

Regarding the bags and housewares and so on (Merch, if you will), I believe no one is just one thing, and consequently, people have different ways they might like to interact with "art".  To give you a fun new way to live with art as you go about your daily life.  The goal is to provide a suite of quality products that let you create a unique, personal style and experience.

That's nice, but what about the plants? Doesn't that not match?

That depends on your world view.  To me its all part of my exploration of the world.  Also for me, the plants are basically a foundational part of my identity, which is also why plants and flowers are a common theme in my art.

Do you design the bags and such?

Yes, the prints you see on the available 'merch' items, like the accessory bags, are designed by me.  Sometimes I use direct prints of my paintings, like an alternative to a giclee print, for example.  Other times, I use digital abstractions based on my paintings, sometimes several in one design, creating repeating patterns that are their own creative endeavor, and frankly very fun to make.  I then have samples made by my production partner to make sure they actually work well in that context.

What are "Production Partners"?

In short, these are manufacturing services that allow me to offer a variety of custom products without the cost and footprint of equipment, materials, and lots of sewing time.  Its just like working with a professional printer to make conventional art reproduction prints.

Do you sell wholesale?

Not at this time.