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OOAK (One of a Kind) Container Gardens, this time in Jungle Log format!  I'd like to share with you some interesting combinations of groups of epiphytic plants that like similar conditions, to make a dramatic, top to bottom "jungle-esque" display of vibrant, textural greenery.

This is a cork slab hosting a mixed planting of Peperomia rotundifolia (string of turtles), Dischidia ovata, and a young rabbits foot fern.  While you may have seen these in the garden center in pots of dirt, they are far easier to maintain on a mount, which is their preferred way to live! 

Currently there is no hanger on this mount as it has been living on a wire shelving unit, laying flat.  Please let me know if you want me to add wires to hang it.


    • Peperomia rotundifolia pilosior (aka Peperomia prostrata, "string of turtles" - an epiphyte easier to grow on a slab than it is in a pot!)
    • Polypodium aureum (Rabbit's Foot Fern - easy epiphytic fern adaptable to a range of conditions)
    • Dischidia ovata ('watermelon' dischidia - easy epiphyte hoya relative)
  • Container
    • Cork slab 
  • Recommended care
    • Light - Low, as for phalaenopsis - 1-2h early morning sun or your preferred artificial light
    • Water when dries out by spraying or passing water over the top - depending on your conditions, season, etc., every 1-2 days, but its okay to skip some days if you go away for the weekend!  They'll be fine. 
    • TIP: Excellent choice for a greenhouse cabinet, which will decrease watering frequency and make for busy plants. 
    • TIP: Hang the mount, or, if you need to lay it, use a surface like a slatted cup rack so there is air circulation under the cork.  This will extend the life of the mount.
    • Maintenance: Take cuttings of the Peperomia and Dischidia periodically to maintain size, or, affix the entire mount to another cork slab to give it more room to grow.

You will get the exact mount shown. 

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