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Cattleya (formerly Laelia) purpurata semi-alba.  This was bred for semi-alba coloring, meaning mostly white flowers with a strong fuscia to purple lip.  L. purpurata is a large cattleya species, growing relatively tall, though with very closely spaced growths.  But what you get for this sort of space is they bear multiple, very large flowers, up to 7 inches across per flower, and often 3-5 flowers per spike on mature plants.  Also they are wonderfully fragrant.

These seedlings were recently repotted, and we're seeing good root growth already.  As with most large cattleya, plan to give this a very sunny windowsill (bright West or South facing window preferred).

You will get one of the plants shown or one similar in size.  These are probably about 2 years from blooming size.

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