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Paph Great Bay (Buena Bay x gratrixianum var. daoense) - This is a spotted white bulldog (aka complex paph) crossed with an unusual variety of the species gratrixianum. Looking for spots, maybe with a blush as well, like the example flower photo.  Example photo shows one of the first to bloom, but as these are seedlings, each will be unique.  Right now you can select which plant you prefer.

These have been doing well, holding flowers 2-3 months. Some complex hybrids can be slow growing, but I find though that crossing them back to a species, like was done here, we tend to get more vigor.  The group varies in plant size, if you're looking for a charming windowsill plant, Plant A is a great pick.

You will get the plant you select. These are blooming size plants established in 4" pots.  If they are still in bloom when ordered, we always do our best to pack them nicely so they arrive still in bloom, but flowers are not guaranteed.

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