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Paphiopedilum spicerianum is another choice species, in my opinion.  It has medium green foliage usually with interesting mid-rib stripe and stippling spots underneath, giving it year-round elegance.  The flower has rippled petals, usually a raspberry spot on the staminode, and a sweeping white dorsal with a magenta stripe down the center.

Another collectors species, with a wide native range characterized by warm wet summers and cool-ish winter monsoons.  That said, I've cultivated it for years on an average windowsill, so, its adaptable.  For more details, I recommend checking out

You will get one of the plants shown or one similar in size. These are blooming size, choice of 4" pot with multiple fans of leaves, or 3" pot with 1-2 growths, also blooming size. Plants are not currently in bloom.

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