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Paphiopedilum Tempting Philip (Temptation x philippinense fma alboflavum)

This is a large multifloral Paphiopedilum. The plant has excellent color and can bear 5-7 flowers per spike. Excellent contrast overall in the flower color. Plant is not currently in bloom but bears flowers like those in the photos. These photos show this plant when it bloomed. Plant is established in a 4" pot.  Plant is blooming size but not currently in bloom.

If you haven't grown this type of paph orchid before, they need brighter light than other paphs and brighter light than phalaenopsis. Ideally look for a west facing window or similar where the plant can get a couple hours of direct sun. It can be grown under lights as well, but lean more toward "cattleya" intensity than not. Keep it warm, use an open, airy mix but water frequently.

All plants are wrapped carefully and shipped via USPS priority mail. Plant may be shipped bare root at my discretion. Hawaii & Alaska shipments at your own risk.