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Psychopsis Mariposa (Pyp. papilio x Kalihi) - blooming size plants.  I'm interested in this cross because, reportedly, they're very compact, including the spikes, relative to other psychopsis.  Colors should be yellow with orange-red markings as is usual.

Like all oncidium type things in this group, they can rebloom randomly on old spikes.  So once it starts making spikes, do not cut them while they are still green and pliable.  They appreciate high humidity and good air movement, and can be grown among your phalaenopsis, or sometimes a little more light.

The lore about psychopsis is that they don't like root disturbance.  The way around this is to choose media types that resist breaking down.  That way you can both put off repotting as long as possible, and when you do, may be able to get away with setting the whole mass, undisturbed, into a new pot and back-filling with new media.  To that end, these are potted in chunky perlite with some treefern fiber.  However, I must say I'm not sure I believe this lore.  These, at least, have been quick to send out new roots after repotting.

You will get one of the plants shown or one similar in size.  Plants are big enough for their first bloom.

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