Snacking Olives | Juicy Color Still Life | Original Art by Julia Redman

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A simple bowl of olives: juicy, salty goodness.

Now a common garnish at the bar, once revered as a gift from the goddess Athena, this simple bowl of olives with peaceful leaves is a quiet reminder of bounty. They also have a history unique unto themselves, with several famous individual trees 2000 to 5000 years of age dotted across the cradle of Western civilization. What would those trees tell us about our past? But, like any beloved grandparent, those trees also continue their work, making the tasty snacks we so enjoy.

This listing is for the original painting, available with or without the gallery frame shown, please pick options.   Frame as shown is an ebonized carved wooden frame with gilt highlight.

Original painting, acrylic on cradled panel.  Varnished with UV protective satin finish.
Initials lower right; signed and titled on the verso.
Mounted in dark finish gallery frame with gold accents, ready to hang

Painting size: 8x10 inch
Framed size / size on wall:  14.5 x 16.5 inches

Photos include an example room decor, which may include other paintings sold separately, or other framing ideas for consideration.  Alternate frames not included.