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Dendrobium anosmum fma coerulea, a pale lilac-blue flower version of the very popular species.  The species is typically fragrant, smelling of berries.  They are also semi-deciduous, and will shed leaves on old canes.  Don't cut those old canes though - usually they bloom on leafless canes.  As they get older, the species tends toward a pendant habit, and I do recommend letting them grow how they like.  This can lead to a spectacular display with a curtain of flowers on mature plants.  But you can also stake them to train them more upright if you prefer. 

Grow warm and bright, with a slightly drier winter rest.  They can be kept warm during their dormant season, with just light or less frequent watering to stimulate flowering.  Water and fertilize generously while in active growth.

We have available young, blooming size plants.  You will get one of the plants shown, or one similar in size.  It is not currently in bloom, but should bloom next spring with flowers similar to those shown.  Flower photo shows a sibling of this plant, and is for example only.  It is just coming out of dormancy with a new little cane starting (as shown in photo).

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