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Microsorum diversifolium - This fern is an excellent grower, adaptable to a range of conditions. I have no idea why they call it 'kangaroo paw fern', but so it is.  It has adventurous rhizomes, dark green with a frosting of brown fuzz, that will happily climb over the edge of the pot to make a great hanging basket display. 

Plants available are in the 4" white pots, you will get the one shown or one similar in size.  I've also included additional photos of young fronds on a mature plant, as well as both sides of mature fronds so you can see what they look like with spore patches.  Size and number of "fingers" tends to vary on mature fronds.

These are great in baskets of various types, including open, coir lined baskets and plastic pot baskets.  Keep in mind this is an epiphytic species, so make sure you're using a fluffy, open potting media.  They'll grow in orchid bark, or whatever you tend to grow your anthuriums in.  If you use a potting soil, make sure you add lots and lots of perlite to make sure it isn't ever soggy.  They adapt to a range of lighting conditions.

These were spore grown here in New Hampshire.  You will get the plant shown in the white pot or one similar in size.

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