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Sinningia eumorpha. Most of this group is blooming out various shades of pink, sometimes with a yellow throat, but one or two are white.  Flowers on this species are large and bell shaped, and sometimes fainly fragrant.  These are seed grown plants, so each will be unique. 

Available plants are just coming out of dormancy, with lovely fresh foliage.  This species produces a bright orange tuber of bulbous, interesting shapes, but it seems to like having its tuber just under the surface by a tiny bit, so you only really get to appreciate that tuber when you're repotting, unless you choose to lift it above the surface.  I suspect this species to maybe like a little more water than some sinningias, but I still grow it pretty much like all the other Sinningias, and it seems to work fine.

Plants are blooming size but not currently in bloom.  Flower photos show examples of what you might expect.

All my sinningia are seed grown by me in the USA.

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