The Tao of Orchids | impression of Paphiopedilum daoense | JR Original Still Life

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The Tao of Orchids.  The way...there's a variety of things contained in this name.  The most obvious is the painting is based on Paphiopedilum daoense (aka Paphiopedilum gratrixianum var daoense), with some exaggeration of the color, for fun.

Trying stuff for fun is what growing plants is all about I think: Exploring and learning through doing.  Thats how I see it.  The photo this painting was based on is one I took many years ago, actually, in the earlier stages of my own orchid journey, where finding my way was very much the name of the game.  It was taken at an orchid society event, and those who were members or occasional visitors at the time may recognize the background - its distinctive.  Those awesome folks were absolutely key in my formative processes.  So much knowledge and enthusiasm shared.  I'm forever grateful.

But enough about me, what about the painting?  A lovely paphiopedilum, all soft colors, velvety textures, and graceful lines.  I've infused more pink and more spots than the original had I think.  I don't consider myself a botanical artist, so I don't try to copy things exactly.  I'm looking for each painting to be an exploration, to find its own way in the world; for each painting to be fun, and to share that with you.

This piece recieved a second place ribbon at the New Hampshire Orchid Society Show, Art Division, February 2023.

Original acrylic painting on cradled panel.
Mounted in a black lacquer float frame, ready to hang, frame included
Painting size: 16x12 inch; Framed size: 17 x 13 inches
Varnished with protective coating, satin finish
Initials lower right; signed and titled on the verso

Photos may include example room decor or other paintings, which are not included.