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Cattleya Purpurato-Rex = [Canhamiana 'Azure Sky' AM/AOS x purpurata ('San Jorge' v. flamea x 'Attenburg')] community pot

Rather a lot of potential here. This cross carries purpurata both as a parent and a grandparent, with a dash of mossiae as the other grandparent, so you can assume these will be large, standard cattleya size plants.  We also have one parent who was a coerulea (blue) form, and while the other looked semi-alba, it carries potential for flamea forms.  We're expecting these to be spectacular in their own right, but also that they will carry a lot of potential as parents.

We're offering two options:

Mini Compot: one compot containing 5 seedlings, in a 3" pot, as shown.

Large Compot: one compot containing 25-30 seedlings, in a deli container, as shown. 

These are young seedlings so will take a few years to reach blooming size.

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