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Sinningia sellovii, blooming size. These are all babies from the example flowering plant shown.  Plants available have tubers about 1 inch in diameter, and are in 3" pots.

These are just starting to grow fresh foliage for the season.  Sinningia sellovii has very unique foliage in the genus - quilted with a metallic sheen, colors ranging from green to purple depending on conditions.  Flowers hang on a towering scape, which will be taller on larger plants in brighter light with the space.  As this is an indeterminate species, if you cut them back after flowering -and are keeping them warm and well watered- they can branch. 

They say this plant is hardy to zone 8, possibly 7b, but as I live much further North I haven't tested that. Instead, I grow it along all the other sinningias with Cattleyas, or with Aloes and Agaves. If you'd like to grow it as a houseplant, you absolutely can. Just pick a very bright window for the most dramatic foliage color!

It typically has an active summer growing season, loving frequent watering but not waterlogged conditions. Use a high porosity soil mix. These can live happily outside in the summer, or a west or south facing window in the house. In lower light it will be leggy, but that can result in a nice hanging basket plant!  In the winter I bring it inside to a cool growing area (a chilly windowsill will likely suffice) and reduce watering, but have also experimented with keeping them warm in winter, and they are fine with that too.  They may shed their foliage during dormancy, that's okay.

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